From business and group recognition, to an individual award for someone special, we have the solution.


Signs gets remembered. Signs grab attention and create engagement, enthusiasm and excitement.


Signs gets remembered. Signs grab attention and create engagement, enthusiasm and excitement.


Creative and professional ideas and concepts for your business or group marketing needs.


AP Design Promo of the Month

Are you struggling to find the right promotional product for your marketing campaign. Check out the promo of the month to save you time and money on your next event. We will help you imprint your product right so your brand stands out in the crowd!

Gift of Choice

1. Celebrate

Present the recipient with their reward.

2. Selection

Recipient chooses their gift from the gift level you purchased.

3. Memorable

Right from our door to theirs, your recipient receives their gift and enjoys an experience that lasts a lifetime.



Electronic Message Centers (EMC), Custom Awards, Promotional Products and Decorated Apparel. Check out some of our featured projects here at AP Design

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Jodie White

US Bank

I’ve worked with AP Design for over 10 years on many different projects from fundraisers to personal gifts and they never disappoint. From the professional fun staff to the high quality products the whole experience has always been nothing short of 100%! Thank you Brian and Nancy and your excellent staff …

Brock Knippling

I have been a small business owner for a couple years and have shopped at a variety of places online for a variety of items, including clothing. The quality of the embroidery here is superior to that of an online place, prices are competitive too and there was a ton of different styles and fabrics of clothing to try on. Also got some vehicle lettering done, again competitive on price and top of the line work. Thank you AP design.

Gordon Crow
Gordon Crow

Regional Economic Development Organization

AP Design is about enduring quality. I can find someone willing to do a job for less, but the quality is sacrificed. The commitment of AP Design to quality is matched by a commitment to stay in close communication throughout a project.