Is your staff apparel getting the best of you?

Let us make ordering your staff apparel simple and easy. Our online on-demand stores will save you time and money!

Are you wasting time ordering your staff apparel?

•  Are you setting up spreadsheets waiting for sizes from employees.

• Are you trying to figure how much in uniform allowance each employee has spent.

• Are employees asking what they have for options.

• Are you having to sort a large box of apparel by employee and distribute to them.

If so, you need a corporate store.

We will set up your store so that it can be repeated year after year. It will save you time and money!

• Control your brand’s logo

• Give your employee’s more options – give them freedom to have their own style

• Employee’s ordering online eliminates spreadsheets and tracking down sizes

• Employee apparel allowances allow them to control their apparel options

• Allowances allow you to track the money spent and save you time by reviewing reports

Business Apparel

We are in the business of making you look good!

Over 20 years of experience working with business and creating e-commerce sites

Christian will help you find the apparel that fits your employees and will create a store that your company will be excited about.

Store Options

On-Demand Store

• All items embroidered with your logo

• Store is open with a 10 day production window

• Fulfillment is completed and packaged by AP Design

• 15 items per store

Company owned

• Items can be screen print or embroidered

• Stock is ordered before hand and stocked at AP Design

• Fulfillment is 3 days

• Lower pricing is possible with quantity discounting

Setting up your corporate store and getting back your time!

1. Setup your site – Apparel items, colors, and imprint

2. AP Design creates your custom corporate store

3. Employees and can order with their customized apparel allowance code. Then receive their apparel in 10 to 15 days.