Expand Your Marketing Reach

Broadcast your message to a constant stream of potential customers. Like other media, digital displays effectively promote your products and services. Yet, unlike more traditional media, digital displays attract different demographics at different times, accommodate on-the-fly promotions or sudden weather changes, and more.

We’ve heard it from our customers: digital displays attract attention and drive more traffic than any other media solution.

Whether you’re looking to add to your current marketing mix or exploring alternative solutions, digital displays provide cutting-edge technology for cost-efficient advertising.

Full Gospel Assembly EMC
Wabasso Public School EMC

GT6x 10 mm Full-Color LED Displays

Are you looking for a high-resolution display to reach walk-up traffic? Interested in a sign with the sharp clarity and details of a photograph? Or do you want to draw attention away from the other signs in your area? Here’s the solution: a product that brings outdoor LED signs to the next level, the GT6x 10 mm SMD. The new Galaxy® GT6x combines high-resolution surface mount technology for bright, vibrant images with the reliability you expect from the Daktronics Galaxy product line.


These LED signs feature exceptional graphics using the best contrast and highest resolution in the industry. And its control software gives operators the most convenient user experience to date.

GS6 Series 15.85 mm Monochrome Message Displays

This high-resolution, high-contrast option is ideal if you’re interested in highly-readable text messages and detailed graphics in monochrome color. The cloud-based control software provides the most effortless user experience to date.