Employee Swag Subscription Program:
THE Best Way to Increase Employee Satisfaction & Brand Cohesion — At the Same Time

We all know that employees who are happy with their workplace are more invested in their work — and produce better results. So how do you foster the right company culture? How do you make your employees feel like they’re an important part of the team? You offer them employee swag. It might sound simple, but it’s been proven to work. And not only will it increase employee satisfaction and retention (and make HR happy), but it’ll also increase your brand exposure — because your employees will be wearing branded swag. Here’s the offer: for a limited time, we’re looking for new customers to join our Employee Swag Subscription Program. This program includes new employee swag kits on a scheduled basis, signifying to your employees that their wellbeing — and workplace satisfaction — matter.

Examples of employee swag kits include:

New Employee Welcome Kits

Work-From-Home Survival Kits

Company Milestone Celebration Kits

The program is designed to fit your company’s needs, which means it’s 100% customizable — and requires nearly zero effort from your end. We take care of everything from product design to delivery, so all you’ll need to focus on is choosing which swag products you like best.

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